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Maintaining a commercial or residential facility requires a professional hand with experience of working on such projects. Housekeeping is one of the most important aspects of facility management as its effect is visible to the residents and visitors. Housekeeping deals with the general cleanliness and tidiness of a facility while also dealing with ancillary services like waste management.

Tusker Group has been actively offering premium facility management and housekeeping services in Gurgaon since its inception. The Tusker brand is highly rated for providing the ‘best housekeeping services in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR’. Here are the tasks that Tusker Housekeeping Services performs while on duty at your facility.

  • Removal of litter: Our professional litter collection and disposal services work in tandem with your facility’s waste management services to ensure that all chemical, organic and plastic wastes are efficiently removed and disposed off.
  • Sweeping of premises: Removal of dirt and debris is another priority task performed by our housekeeping services in Gurgaon. Since most premises are susceptible to accumulation of dirt, leaves and other debris due to the prevailing environmental and weather conditions, we have a dynamic system for cleaning up facilities in real time.
  • Dusting: We also ensure that the furnishings, equipment and upholstery in your establishment is kept spick and span, all the time. Our professional dusting team is trained and equipped to handle delicate furnishings and equipment, hence ensuring zero damage to your facility’s assets.
  • Glass and mirror cleaning: We use special cloths and cleaning solutions to ensure that the glass and mirror surfaces at your facility are kept spotlessly clean.

Green and Safe Housekeeping

At Tusker, our emphasis is always on providing the best housekeeping and facility maintenance services in the most environment and people friendly way. That is the reason why we use green materials and cleaning solutions for our housekeeping services in Gurgaon. We ensure that there is little or no release of volatile organic compounds and use natural cleaning materials and nontoxic household chemicals wherever we can.

If you are looking for housekeeping services in Gurgaon or Delhi NCR, you can arrange an assessment with us by calling our service centre or placing a request online.

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