Outsourcing Services

While most of the businesses look at outsourcing as forwarding a certain aspect of their business to a vendor, we see it as a partnership with the true potential of people and processes.Tuskers provides comprehensive and customizable suite of services which focuses on delivering quality, results, efficiency and with faster turnaround time. The aim is to maximize the competitive advantage for our clients.

Tuskers has 3P offerings as a part of its outsourcing services :

  • People outsourcing
  • Process outsourcing
  • Project outsourcing


With changing market realities and evolving business requirements, the need for skilled workforce keeps changing. Temporary workforce offers an advantage of short term skill requirement for an organization when time and productivity both become simultaneous and equally crucial factors. It is hence no surprise that the trend is gaining popularity amongst HR professionals as key hiring strategies in India.

Tuskers is one of the leading talent search firm which offers customized solutions for temp staffing.We offer a pool of skilled talent which can be harnessed to add value to the organization right from day one. We offer skilled professionals for temporary requirements across various industry verticals as well as hierarchical segments.Whether you are scaling up or scaling down, or adapting to seasonal nature of the business, experts at Tuskers can help you focus on the core activities while we manage the talent hiring.

Tuskers offers people outsourcing services for the following functions :

  • Sale
  • Data entry
  • Shop promoters
  • Logistics / Support
  • Administration
  • Finance / Accounts
  • Medical professionals
  • Human Resource
  • Engineers
  • IT consultants
  • Healthcare specialists
  • Management professionals

Tuskers offers customized solutions and works with the clients for selection, or hiring of resources on Tuskers payroll for pre-defined services. Since the nature of the job is temporary, delivering results within the contractual period is expected. Hence understanding the exact talent requirement identifying a candidate who not only matches the skill set requirement but also the cultural fabric of the organization becomes imperative. These set of services encompass managing administrative, compliance and other HR activities for the hired resource. For such outsourced resource, the control of operational and performance related activities remain with the clients.

When you have an idea and a market, temp staffing can kickstart the concept for you at the right time.


Tuskers partners with the client from operations till delivery. We customize infrastructure according to business nature of our clients. We carry out the complete end to end solution including designing, strategy, planning and implementation, expansion, manpower deployment and managing the work flow. We take complete responsibility and accountability of the complete process and help clients to focus on their core business.

We have always believed that two strong forces for an organization are its people and the technology. However, while we deal in people's domain, we know technology can make the entire experience easier and pleasant. That is why Tuskers has instituted a strong IT infrastructure to empower people and enable an efficient environment. This effectively translates into better services for our clients.

Tuskers offers a single window solution for all process outsourcing requirements. From field sourcing to generating productivity report, our focus remains on cost optimization. Tuskers also offers an indigenous employee self-service portal (ESS) where employees can view their details including their salary, tax, policy access and other personal details. It also allows them to initiate HR process.


When you are looking for technical and functional advantage without much investment of resources, it is best to outsource it to someone who can deliver it faster, better and at low cost. Tuskers offers a wide range of project outsourcing services including bulk hiring solutions, sales management project for retail or even administrative project management across various industry verticals. Our technical expertise and business experience enable us to understand the business goals and deploy processes and resources to deliver the project within set deadlines. For us at Tuskers, it is not just about delivering a project. It also includes collaborating and partnering with the client and establishing a strong partnership to understand their ways of working towards strategic goals. For us, it just isn't enough to deliver projects. It is also about delivering projects the way you would want to. By collaborating with Tuskers, not only would clients can gain access to skilled professionals and our project management resources but they will also stay on top of how their project is shaping up through monitoring tools and techniques.

Process for project management :

  • Understanding the scope and deliverables
  • Chalk out the stages and assign timelines
  • Bringing on board the skill required for successful completion of the project
  • Delivering project
  • Feedback

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