Event Security

It’s hard to predict stampede or an eventuality where things may get out of control. Therefore, Specific events require special security arrangements. Tusker Security provides tailor made security solutions combining electronic gadgetry and security personnel. We cover events like beauty pageants, concerts, parties, sports, marriages, auctions, political events etc.Major special events are typically of regional and national importance requiring the input and assistance of multiple agencies. These larger events, which often include a variety of VIPs and political figures, are also potential targets for terrorists, criminals, and protestors. They require extensive planning, elaborate communication at many levels, and a comprehensive approach. Our professional, experience and fully trained team of security operatives will also ensure that your event security is managed at the highest level.Our team of expert security professionals is extensively trained to work with large events to ensure that quarrelsome or disruptive behavior is avoided or dealt with discreetly.

    Besides events, we also offer a number of other services:
  • ● We organize parking.
  • ● We help in rerouting traffic with temporary road signs, preparing and seeking official approval for detours and traffic schematics, and regulate traffic.
  • ● We provide courier service for cash and valuables (box office, food service, ATM bank bus).
  • ● Video surveillance solutions.
  • ● Technical surveillance solutions.
  • ● Patrol service.
  • ● Lifeguard service.
  • ● Rental of radio transmitters, UV lamps, entry stamps etc.

Our Trusted Client

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